The 9th Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference

OTEC(overseas talent entrepreneurship conference) is held by Chaoyang district government in Beijing, China. It is a comprehensive platform serving entrepreneurs who want to start up business in China. It helps entrepreneurs with following aspects: talents, projects, technologies, markets, capitals, policies, and services. OTEC is dedicated to construct an innovative & entrepreneurial ecosystem, to make OTEC as the best platform for overseas entrepreneurs.

Since 2013, OTEC has successfully held 8th conference, and attracted:

  • 35600+ Entrepreneurs
  • 6000+ Startup projects
  • 519 Startups landed in Beijing
  • 300+ Startups landed in Chaoyang
  • 100+ Venture Capitals Participated
  • 39 Countries and Regions

Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Top investing institutions and enterprises are invited to take part so as to precisely and quickly match projects with full elements like market and capital and attract excellent projects from across the world to come to Chaoyang, know about Chaoyang, and settle down in Chaoyang.

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International Startup Meetup

We coordinate international organizations, chambers of commerce, multinational companies, and foreign students inside the region, mobilize the Beijing-based venture capitals of various countries and the Beijing-based innovation centers of large-size foreign corporations to create a cluster and platform belonging to all international entrepreneurs.

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International Innovation Summit

Focusing on frontier science & technology sectors, we invite senior executives of multinational companies, international entrepreneurs, and science & technology innovation teams to jointly discuss and analyze the developmental trends and market opportunities in China’s science & technology sector with a deep international perspective.

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Entrepreneurship Tour across China

We invite excellent entrepreneurship teams to conduct field visit and investigation in places like Chaoyang, Changsha, Zhangjiakou, Xiong’an New Area, and Macao, etc, so as to help entrepreneurs to more directly access domestic entrepreneurship environments and governmental support policies.

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第九届海外人才创业大会(OTEC 2021)于近日正式启动。作为朝阳区服务国际人才创新创业的“一站式”服务平台,经过九年的飞速发展,OTEC 已经成为很多全球创业者心中的“创业第一站”。在国际国内双循环的大背景下,本届……

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用最好的生态 服务最顶尖人才 2020海外人才创业大会(OTEC)成功举办

2020 年 OTEC 由朝阳区高层次人才服务中心、朝阳区海外高层次人才协会主办,以“重新定义创新与创业——人才·机遇·社会责任”为主题,分为全球创业赛、国际创新周、凤凰云招聘等板块,通过发挥市场优势、聚合国际资源、加大政策赋能,全面支持全球……

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